Go Green


This year Next Wave has been working with Laura Morgan, an Honours student at RMIT, to make the 2010 Next Wave Festival more environmentally friendly. Laura can be contacted at href="/mailto:lauramorgan84@gmail.com">lauramorgan84@gmail.com.

Following are our Top 5 Tips for being greener at the 2010 Next Wave Festival:

1. Smokers Butt it out!; Bin your butt!; No butts!. You know the slogans – now Just do it!.

2. Coffee drinkers Need a caffeine hit between shows? Slam a short black at the coffee bar or bring a reusable coffee cup. Disposable coffee cups cannot be recycled.

3. Public Transport Ride, tram or walk to the Festival. Try to guess which of the commuters cycling along Swanston St, sitting opposite you on the tram, or passing you on the footpath will end up drinking with you at the Festival Club later.

4. Cabs Got your eye on someone at the Festival Club? Why not suggest you share a cab home. Just to, y’know, minimise your ecological footprint …

5. Programs As you can see, this year’s Next Wave program is special. It looks great and we hope you read it from cover to cover. Pass it on to your friends when you’re done, or hold on to it as a memento of the good times and good art.