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Wednesday June 2

Pictures of our Festival past

Photos from the 2010 Next Wave Festival

Here, we present a selection of amazing images taken by our small army of Festival photographers over the last three weeks. More images, and videos, will be posted on our site in the next few weeks.

^ Opening night and launch of Structural Integrity. Photo by Shea Bresnehan.

^ Comfort Zones. Photo by Matthew Harding.

^ Big League Balls. Photo by Warren Knower.

^ 100 Proofs the Earth is Not a Globe. Photo by Tristan Davies.

^ Dachshund U.N. Photo by Jorge de Araujo

^ And Then Something Fell On My Head. Photo by Gareth Heart.

^ FUN RUN. Photo by Sheridan Mills.

^ Hole in the Wall. Photo by Jorge de Araujo.

^ HIGH VIS DANDY. Photo by Paul Davis.

^ The Infinity Tube. Photo by Bianca Milani.

^ Private Dances. Photo by Jorge de Araujo.

^ Sports Club 1 – Commitment and Sweat = My Personal Best. Photo by Jorge de Araujo.

^ Sugar Coated. Photo by Kim Ryan.

^ At The Ultimate Time Lapse Mega Mix. Photo by Jorge de Araujo.

^ Wall Work. Photo by Paul Davis.

^ YOUTH vs PHYSICS. Photo by Matthew Harding.

ALL IMAGES COPYRIGHT Next Wave and the respective artists. For permission to use these images please href="/mailto:nextwave@nextwave.org.au">email Next Wave.

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