Festival Program

in alphabetical order

100 Proofs the Earth is Not a Globe – Tape Projects (Lee Anantawat, Cait Foran, Eugenia Lim, Tanja Milbourne… The 2010 Next Wave Festival Club After the Rainbow – soda_jerk And That Was The Summer That Changed My Life – Zoë Coombs Marr And Then Something Fell On My Head – Ashley Dyer: Choreographer Travis Hodgson: Lighting designer Sam Pettigrew: Principal… Beast Of Hoof And Trunk! Big League Balls – Eric Bridgeman Bromance – Alisdair Macindoe: Director; choreographer; performer; sound designer; lighting designer Adam… Candlelight Protestival – DongWoo Kang The Chicken Stampede – George Egerton-Warburton A Comedy – Brown Council (Frances Barrett, Kate Blackmore, Kelly Doley, Diana Smith)… Comfort Zones – Bron Batten, The Black Lung’s Thomas Henning, Ed Gould, Forty… Dachshund U.N. – Bennett Miller Dangerous Melbourne – Paula van Beek: Creator; performer Nicky Fearn: Dramaturg Doomsday Vanitas – Nicole Breedon Evolution – Safari Team (Blaine Cooper, Lillian O’Neil, Jon Oldmeadow) Film that will end in Death – Trevor Flinn The Folding Wife – Deborah Pollard: Director Paschal Daantor: Writer Valerie Berry: Performer Datu… Forum 1: Structural Integrity – Chaired by exhibition curators Jeff Khan, Next Wave’s Artistic Director… Forum 2: Beyond the Feelgood Factor – Discomfort in Art – Justin Clemens (Chair), Laura Delaney, Jackson Castiglione, Forum 3: Down and Dirty: Sex/Gender/Media – Rinske Ginsberg (Chair), Zahra Stardust, Max Attitude, Eric Bridgeman, Forum 4: Taking it to the Streets – Deborah Kelly (Chair) George Egerton-Warburton Lucas Ihlein Iain McIntyre FUN RUN – Tristan Meecham: Project Coordinator/Running Man Beatrix Cole- Producer Jarrod Factor-… A Good Death – The Sisters Hayes (Christina Hayes, Esther Hayes, Rebecca Hayes) Great Heights – _Great Heights 1 - Imbroglio City (Unit 1)_: Bababa International… Great Heights 1 – Bababa International Great Heights 2 – Kay Abude, Sam George, Michael Georgetti, Tegan Lewis, Andrew Liversidge… Heterodoxia – Alex Gibson, Jonathon Hutchinson, Joel Gailer, Michael Meneghetti HIGH VIS DANDY – Matthew Kneale: Project director; performer; costume maker Daniel Koerner: Director;… Hole in the Wall – Clare Britton: concept, performer, set design, animation Matt Prest: concept… I thought a musical was being made – Jess Olivieri and Hayley Forward with the Parachutes for Ladies… The Infinity Tube – Yake Weiss I’m Fine – Laura Delaney JOY – Fiona Bryant and Kate Stanley: Co-Directors; choreographers; performers Keynote Lecture 1: Indian Dancer – Speaker: Skeena Reece Keynote Lecture 2: EVEN MY BEST WORKS DASH THEIR HEARTS ON ROCKS – Speaker: Deborah Kelly The Lost Living – Cobie Orger: Direction Alexandra Macdonald, Martin Hansen, Ben Hancock: Dancers… Mercy Street – Curator: Anusha Kenny Artists: Sherry McLane Alejos, CJ Conway, Kaori… Mirror, Mirror – Sally Hederics, Kim Chalmers, Adam Hobbs The Oak’s Bride – Ellen Rijs: Creator; producer Jeremy Neideck: Creator; composer Polly Sara:… please give: it a moment – Elizabeth Dunn, Jessie Hall Private Dances – Natalie Cursio: Concept, curator, producer Film makers: Kristy Ayre/Nick Roux;… Pull My Strings and I Will Play for You – Katherine Beckett, Olga Nowicka Residency – The Black Lung Whaling Firm Risk Talkers Shine On You Crazy Diamond – Lauren Brincat The Short Message Service – Jackson Castiglione and Mish Grigor: Performers; collaborators Leah Shelton and… Some Film Museums I Have Known – Presented by Rhubarb Rhubarb Eddie Sharp:Writer, Director William Mansfield: Co-Devisor… Sports Club 1 – Curators: Thea Baumann, Ulanda Blair, Jeff Khan, Kyle Kremerskothen, Joseph… Sports Club 2 – Curators: Thea Baumann, Ulanda Blair, Jeff Khan, Kyle Kremerskothen, Joseph… The Sports Club Project – *_Sports Club 1_* Natalie Abbott, Baboso Mobile Recording Services, Tarli… Structural Integrity – Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo, Japan Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space, Brisbane… Sugar Coated – Hannah Raisin Sunset over Cardboard Mountains – Rachel Feery, Ed Gould and Lisa Stewart Featuring music performed… Territory Time – Siying Zhou, Rebecca Arbon, Joshua Bonson, Kris Keogh, Catherine McAvoy… Thousands – Matthew Day: Choreographer; performer James Brown: Composer The Ultimate Time Lapse Mega Mix – *Guest Curators:* Wimo A Bayang, Yogyakarta, Indonesia Joselina Cruz, Manila… The View From Here: 19 Perspectives on Feminism – Jessie Angwin, Emilie Zoey Baker, Laura Castagnini, Brown Council, Madeleine… Wall Work – Michaela Gleave, Kate Mitchell Who Knows What – Rob McCredie: Director; choreographer Workshop 1: TEXT CAMP: Creative Responses to Creative Works – Facilitator: Nicolas Low Workshop 2: TEXT CAMP: Critical Conditions – Facilitator: Rosemary Forde Workshop 3: TEXT CAMP: Independent, electronic arts publishing – Facilitator: Dylan Rainforth Workshop 4: Crossing over and hooking up – Facilitator: Cat Jones Workshop 5: New Media: Workshop S.A.T.U: Saturn Analogy of Trans Urgency – Facilitators Venzha Christ and Irene Agrivina The World is a Text with Several Meanings – Various international and Australian artists YOUTHvsPHYSICS – Marcel Dorney, Nic Dorward, Kieran Swann, Steve Toulmin