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“Kinda like They Shoot Horses wrapped in Lycra.” Special Agent Dale Cooper

When the Greek messenger Pheidippides was sent to Athens to announce the Persian’s defeat in the battle of Marathon, he ran the entire distance without stopping, burst into the Athenian assembly, declared success, and then collapsed and died on the spot.

These days every Tom, Dick and Harry is giving the cruel 42kms a go.Oprah’s done it, P. Diddy crossed the line in four hours 15 minutes, and even Katie Holmes took a break from Broadway to waddle through in just under five and a half hours. It’s not uncommon for marathon runners to suffer everything from: dramatic fatigue; hyponatremia; jogger’s nipple; blisters; cardiac arrest; kidney failure; sinus issues; physiological damage; death or at the very least a cheeky coma. And we love it. It takes us back to when we sat front row during French Revolution executions or bought a ticket to Houdini in the hope he would drown.

FUN RUN provides you with your next hit; an opportunity to literally place bets on when our Running Man, Humphrey, will hit the wall. Join us Saturday May 22 at City Square from 2pm to cheer or jeer, as we celebrate an evening of excess, spectacle, and endurance, David Blaine style.

With performances from the very talented folk of Gymnastics Victoria, Bodyelectric Dance Studios, Melbourne Cheerleading Academy, and National Bodybuilding Champions from around Australia.

Supporters: The Keir Foundation, Body electric, Gymnastics Victoria, Melbourne Cheer Academy, Rose Chong Costumes


Tristan Meecham: Project Coordinator/Running Man

Beatrix Cole- Producer

Jarrod Factor- Video Design

Austin Hall- Sound Design

Danny Pettingill- Lighting Design

Anna Sutton- Sound Design

Hannah Cuthbertson- Costume Design

Willoh S Weiland- Dramaturge

Martyn Coutts- Extension Cord

Jessica Hynd- Designer/ Performer

Mike Steel- Performer

Bec Reid- Performer/Choreographer

Magdalene Phenomenon- Performer

Annie Last- Performer

Susan Miller-Performer

Jamie Caldwell- Performer

Janine Watson- Performer

Stefan Bramble- Performer

Clare Best- Performer

Jess Keepence- Stage Manager

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· Dates & Times ·

Performance · Saturday May 22 from 1:40PM

City Square, 67 Swanston Street, Melbourne

Duration: 5 hours

Price: Free