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It’s probably high-time that you sorted out your problems the old fashioned way, by following the path we made.

Cairns artists Elizabeth Dunn and Jessie Hall present [please give: it a moment], an interactive installation of heart/brain advice and obstacles that straddles the gap between two places.

Facing the risks and the realities of their very recent move from up north to the throngs of Melbourne, Elizabeth and Jessie have created a symbolic trail for wandering and exploring in the combined gallery spaces of TCB art inc.

With cardboard, bed sheets, talking heads and finely-tuned cubby construction methods, this work invites its audience to travel through dark tunnels, over hills and through hidey holes to find Their Answer.

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Supporters: Australia Council for the Arts, Arts Queensland, TCB art inc.


Elizabeth Dunn, Jessie Hall

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· Dates & Times ·

Opening Night · Wednesday May 19 from 6:00PM

TCB art inc, Level 1, 12 Waratah Place, Melbourne

Duration: Two hours

Price: Free

Exhibition Times · Thursday May 20—Saturday June 5 from 12:00PM

TCB art inc, Level 1, 12 Waratah Place, Melbourne

Duration: Until 6pm. Closed Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays.

Price: Free