The 2010 Next Wave Festival Club

Go Downtown with Next Wave!

This May inject yourself into the 2010 Next Wave Festival Club, in the pumping heart of central city Melbourne.

1000 £ Bend in Little Lonsdale Street (map) has been transformed within an inch of its life by Festival designers People Collective into the city’s most resplendent and social art venue; you won’t have a freaking clue where you are, and that’ll be before you’ve hit the turps! More movement and colour than the world has ever seen!

DOWNLOAD the PROGRAMME. (pdf, 383kb)

Drop in any time, day or night, during the Festival and catch up artists, friends, strangers and bogans! (Actually, no bogans, sorry Lleyton Hewitt!). Be at the Club before a Festival show, AND get there afterwards to debrief/recover/come down. WHATEVER! Drink, eat, suck dry the good old fashioned free Wi-Fi. Catch art, performances and public talks. All specially-programmed for your sensory pleasure. (HOT TIP: Stage door Johnnies and Jennies listen up: The Next Wave Festival Club will be the place to meet Festival artists.)

And remember: Drink responsibly! The more you drink responsibly, the more you can drink!

Supported by Next Wave, Nelson Beer and 1000 £ Bend.

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SCHEDULE of DJ & VJ Sets & Performances

Thursday 13 May 8.30pm—Metse Hagos. 10pm—Austin Hall: “82 – 91 Chicago house, and some Italian.”

Friday 14 May 8.30 pm—Sean Whelan. 10pm—Simon Gorman.

Saturday 15 May 8.30pm—Beau McCafferty. 10pm—Jay Rinske.

Sunday 16 May 8pm—Michael Eddy vs Willoh S.Weiland: “Canadian athletic jersey meets mandopop with a twist of hippie stylings. Peace.” 9pm—People Collective. 10pm—Declan Kelly.

Monday 17 May 10pm—Stéphanie Kabanyana: “Conga-line and limbo enticing tunes. Viva la soul mama!” 11pm—Dan West/Eugenia Lim

Tuesday 18 May 10pm—Oslo Davis: “Tracks only from 1985.”

Wednesday 19 May 10pmBeast of Hoof and Trunk-, a performance in the Cinema, $11.

Thursday 20 May 9pm—Thea Baumann. 10pmBeast of Hoof and Trunk-, a performance in the Cinema, $11. 11pm—Brown Council.

Friday 21 May 8pm—Y3K. 11pm—Metse Hagos.

Saturday 22 May 9pm—Spill Collective (DJ + VJ).

Sunday 23 May 9pm—Paula van Beek: “Playing only songs with the word danger in it.” 10pm—Tom Doig “80s trash mixed with hip-hop trash.” (NB: Club closes at 11pm.)

Monday 24 May 10pm—Lisa Stewart: “Hotchpotch set of music crossing a lot of genres and eras. 70/80s electro. Pop. 80s-current hiphop. 50/60s rock ‘n roll & garage. Vietnamese cover bands. Instrumental Bollywood, and marimbas.” 11pm—Jon Waan: “Danceable hip-hop/pop.”

Tuesday 25 May 10pm—George Egerton–Warbuton: “Party hip hop. Hall and Oates. Orange Juice.” 11pm—Eddie Sharp: “Crowd-friendly mix. Justin Timberlake, Ace of Base & Beyonce.”

Wednesday 26 May 9pm—Outpost.

Thursday 27 May Club closed, sorry.

Friday 28 May Heterodoxia 9pm—a one-night-only performance spectacle, inspired by the artists’ fascination with rodeo culture and the pageantry of masculinity. Free.

Saturday 29 May 8.30pm—Nic Dorward: “Crowd pleasing type, very pop/trash and would sit well in a fag-tag/party/‘it’s OK to dance to Beyonce’ kind of night.” 9.30pm—Ed Gould: “Pop/party tracks.” 10.30pm—Austin Hall, with VJ, Lachlan Tetlow-Stuart

Sunday 30 May 8.30pm—Paul Gurney vs Lara Thoms: “These two heavyweights will go toe-to-toe to deliver an hour of power that will bust genres, ears and dimensions.” 9.30pm—Corey Coda vs Holly Fluxx. 10pm—Jeff Khan: “A mashed-up, melted-down melange of musical misdemeanours. Pop, electronica, dancefloor crimes, guilty pleasures and just plain friggin ridiculous shit….” (NB: Club closes at 11pm.)

PLUS an evolving series of one-off performances throughout the entire Festival.

DOWNLOAD this PROGRAMME. (pdf, 383kb)

· Dates & Times ·

2010 Next Wave Festival Club · Thursday May 13—Sunday May 30 from 10:00AM

2010 Next Wave Festival Club, 1000 £ Bend, 361 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

Duration: Open every day during the Festival, until midnight.

Price: Free