Sports Club 1

Commitment and Sweat = My Personal Best

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Sports Club 1: Commitment and Sweat = My Personal Best celebrates, explores, and experiments with the spirit of the local sports carnival. Sports Club 1 invites audiences to the expansive track-and-field training ground of the George Knott Athletics Reserve, and its community of suburban sports heroes, semi-retired professional athletes, Olympians-in-training and junior athletics leagues. Through sonic sculpture, mass choreography, games with no rules, and some very odd-looking equipment, Sports Club 1 celebrates the unsung heroes and rarely examined rituals of community sports clubs: from the camaraderie, club-songs and cheers, to the homemade banners, specialist sports, tuckshop fare, and the place-holders’ ribbons and rewards. Exploring grassroots sports culture as a catalyst for the creation of different communities, disciplines, and idiosyncratic personal styles, Sports Club 1 is an anarchic and joyful event that questions our commonly-held notions of success and achievement.

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Supporters: Australia Council for the Arts, Crumpler, Keir Foundation, City of Yarra, Collingwood Harriers


Curators: Thea Baumann, Ulanda Blair, Jeff Khan, Kyle Kremerskothen, Joseph O’Farrell

Natalie Abbott, Baboso Mobile Recording Services, Tarli Bird, Forty Forty Home, Kate Geck, Holly Fluxx, Skye Gellmann, Wanda Gillespie, Benjamin Kolaitis, The Last Tuesday Society, The Red Brigade, Harriet Richie, Nick Selenitsch, Lee Serle

· Dates & Times ·

Event · Saturday May 15 from 1:00PM

George Knott Athletics Reserve, Heidelberg Road, Clifton Hill

Duration: 7 hours

Price: Entry by gold coin donation