The Sports Club Project

In a head-on collision of contemporary art and sport cultures, The Sports Club Project is a series of artists’ interventions into two major Melbourne sporting venues: the idyllic George Knott Athletics Reserve and the monumental Melbourne Cricket Ground. From grassroots community sports to elite professional athletes, The Sports Club Project reveals the common and disparate ground of these disciplines, infusing art with a sporting sensibility and re-imagining sports culture through the eyes of some of Australia’s most exciting young artists. After undertaking intensive research, a series of on-site workshops and some unlikely athletics training sessions, 30 visual and new media artists, performers, dancers, sound artists and others have created brand-new works which address the social, cultural and architectural environments of these iconic sports clubs, transforming them for one day each.

Through these provocative, playful and meditative artworks, The Sports Club Project explores the common risks and triumphs experienced by artists and athletes, and how their broader culture and administration influences their work. What follows is an explosion of practice and training; discipline and endurance; spectator and spectacle; gender and power; success and failure.

Sports Club 1: Commitment and Sweat = My Personal Best

Sports Club 2: The Arena

Supporters: Australia Council for the Arts, MCG, Crumpler, Keir Foundation, City of Yarra, Collingwood Harriers


Sports Club 1

Natalie Abbott, Baboso Mobile Recording Services, Tarli Bird, Forty Forty Home, Kate Geck, Holly Fluxx, Skye Gellmann, Wanda Gillespie, Benjamin Kolaitis, The Last Tuesday Society, The Red Brigade, Harriet Richie, Nick Selenitsch, Lee Serle

Sports Club 2

Corey Castle Coda, Bindi Cole, Atlanta Eke, Luke Hand & Sasha Margolis, Martin Hansen, Madeline Kidd, Keith Lim, The List Operators, Kasia Lynch, Jordana Maisie, Rennie McDougall, Michael Ozone, Carl Scrase, Brooke Amity Stamp, Julie Traitsis

Curators: Thea Baumann, Ulanda Blair, Jeff Khan, Kyle Kremerskothen, Joseph O’Farrell