Great Heights 2

Floating above shadows, moored beneath clouds

Perched high above the city streets, Floating above shadows, moored beneath clouds is a pop-up garden of sculpture, light and performance. This collection of strange and temporary works explores the interstitial space occupied by the city skyline; between the structured ground-level landscape and the open skies above.

Transcending the bustle and debris of the streets, yet still tethered to the city’s infrastructure, the garden exists in a kind of half-space, its loftiness somewhat humbled by the neighbouring skyscrapers that tower above it.

Floating above shadows, moored beneath clouds explores themes of weight and weightlessness, light, instability, precariousness, groundedness, transcendence and materiality. The works themselves are at once humble and grandiose: modest monuments that hint at infinite possibility yet possess an innate impotence, a failure to escape their intermediary environment.

Here exists another world, one unknown to the people below and the deities above. Nestled inside the skyline, hidden, this world offers a sense of calm and tranquility, but also of anticipation, of possibility, freedom, and of the fantastic. Anything could happen up here.

Curated by Meg Hale.

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Kay Abude, Sam George, Michael Georgetti, Tegan Lewis, Andrew Liversidge, Amy & Claire Spiers, Paul Wotherspoon

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· Dates & Times ·

Great Heights 2 - Floating above shadows, moored beneath clouds · Wednesday May 26—Friday May 28 from 6:00PM

The Rooftop, Level 3, Melbourne Central, 211 LaTrobe st Melbourne, Melbourne

Entry via Little Lonsdale Street.

Duration: Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. 6 to 10pm

Price: Free.