Doomsday Vanitas

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Between dusk and dawn, in a series of twisting alleyways in the city, an array of objects for survival appear. But there’s more to them than meets the eye…

Doomsday Vanitas uses sharp, hologram-like projections to create a series of ominous still lifes, lying in wait for viewers to “collect”. Inspired by the highly symbolic objects for survival which recur through film, literature and gaming culture, Doomsday Vanitas explores the precariousness of humanity’s place on earth. The transformation of everyday and benign objects into weapons and tools suggests a tenuous hold on survival in an age of impending global and environmental disaster.

The installation is interspersed through the laneways and alleys off Guildford Lane, transforming the precinct into a surreal, video game-like labyrinth, where the objects for survival are there to be admired, but are ultimately unobtainable.

Doomsday Vanitas will be visible after nightfall for the duration of the Festival.

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Supporters: Australia Council for the Arts, Keir Foundation, Arts Hub, MOR Cosmetics, Horse Bazaar.

Commissioned and developed by Next Wave through Kickstart 2009.


Nicole Breedon

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· Dates & Times ·

Exhibition Dates · Thursday May 13—Sunday May 30 from 6:00PM

Across various locations, in Sutherland Street, Guildford Lane, Flanigan Lane and McLean Alley, (Off Little Lonsdale Street between Elizabeth and Queen Streets), Melbourne

Duration: After dark

Price: Free

Opening Night · Saturday May 15 from 6:00PM

Horse Bazaar, 397 Lt Lonsdale St, Melbourne